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A Multi-cell, Multi-scale Model of Vertebrate Segmentation and Somite Formation

Figure 3

Schematic: Extended three-oscillator, externally-coupled biological sub-model for the segmentation-clock network.

We adapted and extended the Goldbeter and Pourquié segmentation-clock biological model to include Delta signaling and to allow the experimentally observed phase locking between the FGF, Wnt and Notch loops in multiple coupled cells. Red lines show connections/processes in our biological model that are not in the Goldbeter-Pourquié biological model and dotted lines show connections in the Goldbeter-Pourquié biological model not used in our biological model. For more information, see INTRODUCTION: Extended three-loop segmentation clock model with Delta/Notch coupling and METHODS: Segmentation clock and Coupling the segmentation clock to the morphogen fields.

Figure 3