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A Multi-cell, Multi-scale Model of Vertebrate Segmentation and Somite Formation

Figure 1

Chick PSM and somites.

(A) Image of a live HH Stage 10 chick embryo stained with Lens culinaris agglutinin-FITC. (B) DIC image of the same embryo, (C) Coronal (ML-AP) and (D) sagital (DV-AP) slices of a single strip of the PSM and the most recent somites of a chick embryo at HH Stage 10, stained with Lens culinaris agglutinin-FITC. The PSM is relatively flat at the posterior end, and gradually becomes thicker towards the anterior end. We measured PSM DV thickness at the PSM midline (yellow line in (C)). Yellow *s in (D) indicate points where the thickness was measured. Measured thickness, from posterior (bottom) to anterior (top): 61 µm, 67 µm, 73 µm and 95 µm. The thickness through the center of the forming somite is 98 µm. In all panels, the anterior (head) is at top, posterior (tailbud) at bottom. Scale bars 40 µm.

Figure 1