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Models of Neocortical Layer 5b Pyramidal Cells Capturing a Wide Range of Dendritic and Perisomatic Active Properties

Figure 2

Models constrained only by perisomatic step current firing are not guaranteed to generate BAC firing.

A. Top: model (black) response to a 2 second 793 pA depolarizing step current at the soma as compared to the corresponding experimental trace (magenta). Bottom: 300 ms of the response corresponding to the bar in the top part. B. f–I curve for the 11 L5b PCs (colors) and for the model (black). C. The apical tree in this model was only weakly excitable, exhibiting no active BAP (top), and was incapable of generating a dendritic Ca2+ spike even under intense distal stimulation (bottom). All measures and definitions in C are as in Figure 1.

Figure 2