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Widespread Compensatory Evolution Conserves DNA-Encoded Nucleosome Organization in Yeast

Figure 3

A/T-gaining and A/T-losing substitutions are spatially coupled. A) A/T gain rates are faster next to inferred A/T loss events.

Shown is a comparison of the rate of A/T gaining substitutions near inferred sites of A/T-losing (black) and A/T-gaining (red) substitution (Methods), plotted for different ranges of nucleosome occupancy (X-axis). The rate of A/T gain near conserved loci is shown for reference (green). We observe an elevated rate of A/T gain near A/T-losing sites. B) A/T loss rates are faster next to A/T gain events. Similar analysis of A/T losing substitution rates around inferred A/T gain and A/T loss events.

Figure 3