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Widespread Compensatory Evolution Conserves DNA-Encoded Nucleosome Organization in Yeast

Figure 1

Yeast sequence heterogeneity is correlated with nucleosome occupancy. A) Heterogeneous local G+C content in yeast.

Shown is the distribution of G+C content in small (20 bp) bins across intergenic sequences in the S. cerevisae genome (see Fig S1 for further analysis). B) Partitioning the genome into high and low occupancy sequences. Shown is the distribution of in-vivo nucleosome occupancy scores across all yeast intergenic loci (data from Kaplan et al., 2009). C) A/T trinucleotides are enriched at low occupancy loci. The frequencies of all trinucleotides in loci with high (top) and low (bottom) nucleosome occupancy are depicted. As shown before, A/T trinucleotides are in excess at low occupancy loci. Also observed is the correlation between the number of G/C nucleotides within the trinucleotide and the relative abundance of the trinucleotide in high vs low occupancy loci.

Figure 1