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NeuroML: A Language for Describing Data Driven Models of Neurons and Networks with a High Degree of Biological Detail

Figure 1

Relationship between the three Levels of NeuroML and MorphML, ChannelML and NetworkML.

Level 1 incorporates MorphML, which allows descriptions of cell structure ranging from single compartment cells to detailed cells based on morphological reconstructions. Metadata describing the provenance of the data (authors, citations, etc.) can be used at this and subsequent Levels. Level 2 builds on Level 1 to specify the passive properties and the location and densities of active conductances on the cell, and includes ChannelML, for description of the membrane processes that generate the electrophysiological behavior of cells. Level 3 contains NetworkML, allowing networks of these neuronal models and their synaptic connections to be described. MorphML, ChannelML and NetworkML can be used in isolation to describe model components, while a Level X file can include any elements from that and any lower Level.

Figure 1