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Neighbor-Dependent Ramachandran Probability Distributions of Amino Acids Developed from a Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Model

Figure 1

Neighbor-independent Ramachandran distributions (probability densities) for 12 amino acid types including cis proline (CPR) from the HDP simulation (see Figure 2 for remaining amino acid types).

The axes are as follows: x-axis (horizontal) = φ from −180° to 180° with gridlines and ticks at −180°, −90°, 0°, +90°, and +180°. y-axis = ψ from −180° to 180°. z-axis (vertical) = probability density functions. All plots are scaled to a common maximum probability height, the third highest peak among all plots. Thus, Gly and Pro extend beyond the plotted vertical axis.

Figure 1