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A Human-Specific De Novo Protein-Coding Gene Associated with Human Brain Functions

Figure 4

FLJ33706 mRNA expression in peripheral tissues and brain regions.

FLJ33706 mRNA levels were measured in eight peripheral tissues and eight brain regions using TaqMan-based Real-Time PCR system. Relative quantity was calculated using expression means of human leukocyte as references (Fold = 1.0). FLJ33706 had relatively higher expression levels in brain regions (highlighted in red) than in peripheral tissues (shown in white). The expression levels of human BDNF1 and BDNF4 (shown in blue bars) in cortex (BDNF1_CTX, BDNF4_CTX) were also compared with those of FLJ33706 using also leukocyte FLJ33706 expression as a reference.

Figure 4