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Towards a Mathematical Theory of Cortical Micro-circuits

Figure 9

A laminar biological instantiation of the Bayesian belief propagation equations used in the HTM nodes.

The circuit shown here corresponds exactly to the instantiation of the reference HTM node shown in Figure 2. The five vertical ‘columns’ in the circuit correspond to the 5 coincidence patterns stored in the reference node. Layers 1 to 6 are marked according to the standard practice in neuroscience. Emphasis is given to the functional connectivity between neurons and the placement of the cell bodies and dendrites. Detailed dendritic morphologies are not shown. Axons are shown using arrow-tipped lines. Feed-forward inputs and outputs are shown using green axons and feedback inputs and outputs are shown using red axons. Whether an axon is an input or output can be determined by looking at the direction of the arrows. The blue axons entering and exiting the region represent timing-duration signals. ‘T’ junctions represent the branching of axons. However, axonal crossings at ‘X’ junctions do not connect to each other. Inter-columnar connections exist mostly between neurons in layer 2/3, between layer 5 cells, and between layer 6 cells. The inter-columnar connections in layer 2/3 that represent sequence memories are represented using thicker lines.

Figure 9