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Stem Cell Proliferation and Quiescence—Two Sides of the Same Coin

Figure 5

Engraftment levels as a function of time of dilution.

A. The average level of donor engraftment for the L+ (black) and L− cells (grey) is shown as a function of the time of dilution. Initially F0 = 71% of all HSCs are randomly labeled. At each time point of dilution 20 randomly chosen L+ or L− cells are transplanted competitively with 20 randomly selected HSC from the host system. Engraftment levels of the donor cells are assessed for the time point 10 weeks after transplantation. Simulation results are averages of 100 independent realizations +/−SD. B. Identical setup to subfigure A, only the labeling routine is restricted to the most primitive cells (F0 = 100% for cells with cell specific affinity a>0.9).

Figure 5