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Stem Cell Proliferation and Quiescence—Two Sides of the Same Coin

Figure 2

Kinetics of label dilution described in the context of compartment models.

A. The red and the green curves represent best fit scenarios for the data on BrdU label dilution obtained from Kiel et al. (black circles, mean+/−SD) [3]. The red curve corresponds to the one compartment model (compare Figure 1A) in which N = 2 divisions are necessary to dilute the label below the detection threshold. The green curve corresponds to the two compartment model (cf. Figure 1B) with parameters and , also assuming N = 2 divisions until label dilution. B. The same compartment models are fitted to the data on BrdU label dilution obtained from Wilson et al. (black circles, mean values) [4], assuming that N = 5 divisions are necessary for label dilution. Although the one compartment model fails to describe the data (red curve), the two compartment model (green curve) captures the overall behavior for and .

Figure 2