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Accurate Prediction of Peptide Binding Sites on Protein Surfaces

Figure 4

Using the method to scan for regions in Sec31 likely to bind Sec23.

(A) Predictions for the most conserved region of the Sec31 disordered 40 residue peptide segment (GPQNGWNDPPAL) on the Sec23/Sar1 complex. In red is the region of the peptide from the solved structure (PDB IDs: 2qtv [19], 1m2o [48]). (B) P-values (Y-axis) for each 12 residue peptides from residues 770 to 1100 of the Sec31 protein (X-axis) to identify the binding region. The lowest p-values, in the region 965–1010, are very close to the known binding site (981–1021). The black line under the graph shows the actual binding 40 residue peptide and the region colored in red-brown corresponds to the peptide predicted to bind shown in (A) of this figure.

Figure 4