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Genome Landscapes and Bacteriophage Codon Usage

Figure 8

Combined Fisher p-values for the green and orange randomization tests across 50 phage genomes.

Phage names are listed on the x-axis, and are sorted by their orange p-value. A total of 29 genomes exhibit non-random GC3 content controlling for CAI (green test); and a total of 22 genome exhibit non-random CAI content controlling for GC3 (orange test). 17 genomes pass both of these tests. The dashed horizontal line indicates the threshold for significance after Bonfernni correction (i.e. 5%/50). Upwards arrows indicate p-values that lie beyond the limits of the y-axis. See Table 2 for phage properties, including the p-values for these tests. Twenty four phage genomes that failed the aqua GC3 or CAI control tests are not included in this figure.

Figure 8