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January 2016

Richard Wallbank, Simon Baxter, Chris Jiggins and colleagues show that novel butterfly wing patterns have arisen via the sharing of gene regulatory elements between butterfly lineages through introgression and recombination; new combinations of regulatory elements offer a rapid route to the evolution of new patterns. The image shows Heliconius timareta florencia collected from the Florencia region of Colombia and raised in an insectary in La Vega, Colombia. In any one locality up to 11 species of heliconiine butterflies join the "dennis-ray" mimicry ring in the Amazonian forest. This pattern (a red patch on the forewing and red rays on the hindwing) is an evolutionary novelty that has arisen through introgression from H. melpomene. Heliconius butterflies often mate for several hours and the males transfer a large and nutritious spermatophore to the female.

Image Credit: Chris D Jiggins


Forecasting Ecological Genomics: High-Tech Animal Instrumentation Meets High-Throughput Sequencing

Aaron B. A. Shafer, Joseph M. Northrup, Martin Wikelski, George Wittemyer, Jochen B. W. Wolf

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Microscopy Image Browser: A Platform for Segmentation and Analysis of Multidimensional Datasets

Ilya Belevich, Merja Joensuu, Darshan Kumar, Helena Vihinen, Eija Jokitalo

The iPlant Collaborative: Cyberinfrastructure for Enabling Data to Discovery for the Life Sciences

Nirav Merchant, Eric Lyons, Stephen Goff, Matthew Vaughn, Doreen Ware, David Micklos, Parker Antin

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Standardized Assessment of Biodiversity Trends in Tropical Forest Protected Areas: The End Is Not in Sight

Lydia Beaudrot, Jorge A. Ahumada, Timothy O'Brien, Patricia Alvarez-Loayza, Kelly Boekee, Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz, David Eichberg, Santiago Espinosa, Eric Fegraus, Christine Fletcher, Krisna Gajapersad, Chris Hallam, Johanna Hurtado, Patrick A. Jansen, Amit Kumar, Eileen Larney, Marcela Guimarães Moreira Lima, Colin Mahony, Emanuel H. Martin, Alex McWilliam, Badru Mugerwa, Mireille Ndoundou-Hockemba, Jean Claude Razafimahaimodison, Hugo Romero-Saltos, Francesco Rovero, Julia Salvador, Fernanda Santos, Douglas Sheil, Wilson R. Spironello, Michael R. Willig, Nurul L. Winarni, Alex Zvoleff, Sandy J. Andelman

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Neuropeptide-Driven Cross-Modal Plasticity following Sensory Loss in Caenorhabditis elegans

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A Novel Platform for the Potentiation of Therapeutic Antibodies Based on Antigen-Dependent Formation of IgG Hexamers at the Cell Surface

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