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July 2010

All species show bilateral symmetry, yet genes controlling flower symmetry vary in expression between species. Cryptic variation of this kind for multiple genetic loci may underlie the phenomenon of hybrid vigor (see Rosas et al., e1000429). Species from left to right, and top to bottom: A. australe; A. linkianum; A. mollissimum; A. sempervirens; A. striatum; A. charidemi; A. molle; A. pseudomajus; A. graniticum; A. siculum; A. hispanicum; A. lopesianum; A. pulverulentum; A. litigiosum; A. latifolium; A. tortuosum.

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Rethinking Ecosystem Resilience in the Face of Climate Change

Isabelle M. Côté, Emily S. Darling

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Barcoding Life to Conserve Biological Diversity: Beyond the Taxonomic Imperative

Ronnie Vernooy, Ejnavarzala Haribabu, Manuel Ruiz Muller, Joseph Henry Vogel, Paul D. N. Hebert, David E. Schindel, Junko Shimura, Gregory A. C. Singer

Research Articles

Tracking Marsupial Evolution Using Archaic Genomic Retroposon Insertions

Maria A. Nilsson, Gennady Churakov, Mirjam Sommer, Ngoc Van Tran, Anja Zemann, Jürgen Brosius, Jürgen Schmitz

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The Major Yolk Protein Vitellogenin Interferes with the Anti-Plasmodium Response in the Malaria Mosquito Anopheles gambiae

Martin K. Rono, Miranda M. A. Whitten, Mustapha Oulad-Abdelghani, Elena A. Levashina, Eric Marois

Cryptic Variation between Species and the Basis of Hybrid Performance

Ulises Rosas, Nick H. Barton, Lucy Copsey, Pierre Barbier de Reuille, Enrico Coen

A Novel Role for Dbx1-Derived Cajal-Retzius Cells in Early Regionalization of the Cerebral Cortical Neuroepithelium

Amélie Griveau, Ugo Borello, Frédéric Causeret, Fadel Tissir, Nicole Boggetto, Sonia Karaz, Alessandra Pierani

The Role of Spatially Controlled Cell Proliferation in Limb Bud Morphogenesis

Bernd Boehm, Henrik Westerberg, Gaja Lesnicar-Pucko, Sahdia Raja, Michael Rautschka, James Cotterell, Jim Swoger, James Sharpe

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Involvement of Lgl and Mahjong/VprBP in Cell Competition

Yoichiro Tamori, Carl Uli Bialucha, Ai-Guo Tian, Mihoko Kajita, Yi-Chun Huang, Mark Norman, Nicholas Harrison, John Poulton, Kenzo Ivanovitch, Lena Disch, Tao Liu, Wu-Min Deng, Yasuyuki Fujita

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Robust Target Gene Discovery through Transcriptome Perturbations and Genome-Wide Enhancer Predictions in Drosophila Uncovers a Regulatory Basis for Sensory Specification

Stein Aerts, Xiao-Jiang Quan, Annelies Claeys, Marina Naval Sanchez, Phillip Tate, Jiekun Yan, Bassem A. Hassan

The Role of Nucleosome Positioning in the Evolution of Gene Regulation

Alexander M. Tsankov, Dawn Anne Thompson, Amanda Socha, Aviv Regev, Oliver J. Rando

Active RNA Polymerases: Mobile or Immobile Molecular Machines?

Argyris Papantonis, Joshua D. Larkin, Youichiro Wada, Yoshihiro Ohta, Sigeo Ihara, Tatsuhiko Kodama, Peter R. Cook

HSP72 Protects Cells from ER Stress-induced Apoptosis via Enhancement of IRE1α-XBP1 Signaling through a Physical Interaction

Sanjeev Gupta, Ayswaria Deepti, Shane Deegan, Fernanda Lisbona, Claudio Hetz, Afshin Samali

BiP Binding to the ER-Stress Sensor Ire1 Tunes the Homeostatic Behavior of the Unfolded Protein Response

David Pincus, Michael W. Chevalier, Tomás Aragón, Eelco van Anken, Simon E. Vidal, Hana El-Samad, Peter Walter

Highly Divergent Mitochondrial ATP Synthase Complexes in Tetrahymena thermophila

Praveen Balabaskaran Nina, Natalya V. Dudkina, Lesley A. Kane, Jennifer E. van Eyk, Egbert J. Boekema, Michael W. Mather, Akhil B. Vaidya

Two Distinct Mechanisms for Actin Capping Protein Regulation—Steric and Allosteric Inhibition

Shuichi Takeda, Shiho Minakata, Ryotaro Koike, Ichiro Kawahata, Akihiro Narita, Masashi Kitazawa, Motonori Ota, Tohru Yamakuni, Yuichiro Maéda, Yasushi Nitanai

Structure of the CaMKIIδ/Calmodulin Complex Reveals the Molecular Mechanism of CaMKII Kinase Activation

Peter Rellos, Ashley C. W. Pike, Frank H. Niesen, Eidarus Salah, Wen Hwa Lee, Frank von Delft, Stefan Knapp

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Structural and Biochemical Characterization of the Human Cyclophilin Family of Peptidyl-Prolyl Isomerases

Tara L. Davis, John R. Walker, Valérie Campagna-Slater, Patrick J. Finerty Jr, Ragika Paramanathan, Galina Bernstein, Farrell MacKenzie, Wolfram Tempel, Hui Ouyang, Wen Hwa Lee, Elan Z. Eisenmesser, Sirano Dhe-Paganon

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Invaders on the Wing

Mick N. Clout

Giving Microbes Their Due

Norman R. Pace