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February 2010

Pea aphids extracting sap from the stem and leaves of garden peas. Nymph aphids surrounding the mother aphid were produced parthenogenetically and viviparously; sexual reproduction can be induced by shorter amounts of daylight. A study conducted by The International Aphid Genomics Consortium (e1000313) reveals significant features of the whole genome sequence of the pea aphid, shedding light on its unusual life cycle and interaction with endosymbiotic bacteria.

Image Credit: Shipher Wu (photograph) and Gee-way Lin (aphid provision), National Taiwan University.


Paleovirology—Modern Consequences of Ancient Viruses

Michael Emerman, Harmit S. Malik

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VertNet: A New Model for Biodiversity Data Sharing

Heather Constable, Robert Guralnick, John Wieczorek, Carol Spencer, A. Townsend Peterson, The VertNet Steering Committee

Research Articles

Regulatory T Cells and Human Myeloid Dendritic Cells Promote Tolerance via Programmed Death Ligand-1

Shoba Amarnath, Carliann M. Costanzo, Jacopo Mariotti, Jessica L. Ullman, William G. Telford, Veena Kapoor, James L. Riley, Bruce L. Levine, Carl H. June, Timothy Fong, Noel L. Warner, Daniel H. Fowler

Targeting A20 Decreases Glioma Stem Cell Survival and Tumor Growth

Anita B. Hjelmeland, Qiulian Wu, Sarah Wickman, Christine Eyler, John Heddleston, Qing Shi, Justin D. Lathia, Jennifer MacSwords, Jeongwu Lee, Roger E. McLendon, Jeremy N. Rich

The Wnt Pathway Controls Cell Death Engulfment, Spindle Orientation, and Migration through CED-10/Rac

Juan Cabello, Lukas J. Neukomm, Ufuk Günesdogan, Katharina Burkart, Steve J. Charette, Günter Lochnit, Michael O. Hengartner, Ralf Schnabel

BIN1 Localizes the L-Type Calcium Channel to Cardiac T-Tubules

Ting-Ting Hong, James W. Smyth, Danchen Gao, Kevin Y. Chu, Jacob M. Vogan, Tina S. Fong, Brian C. Jensen, Henry M. Colecraft, Robin M. Shaw

Related Articles

Using Structural Information to Change the Phosphotransfer Specificity of a Two-Component Chemotaxis Signalling Complex

Christian H. Bell, Steven L. Porter, Annabel Strawson, David I. Stuart, Judith P. Armitage

mRNA Secondary Structures Fold Sequentially But Exchange Rapidly In Vivo

Elisabeth M. Mahen, Peter Y. Watson, Joseph W. Cottrell, Martha J. Fedor

Book Review%2FScience in the Media

Why We Conform

Julia Fischer