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Integrative illustration for coronavirus outreach

Fig 3

Details from coronavirus replication and budding.

(Left) ribosomes in the endoplasmic reticulum. (A) ribosome; (B) viral coding RNA; (C) translocation channel; (D) spike protein; (E) chaperonin BiP; (F) oligosaccharide transferase; (G) glucosidases. (Right) viral proteins. Numbers identify the viral nsp, so “3” is nsp3. Three structural proteins (E, envelope; M, membrane; N, nucleocapsid), and several accessory proteins (p6, p7a, and p8a) are also shown. The sizes and shapes of proteins are based on structural results and known interactions, but the arrangement of subunits in the replicase is speculative. BiP, binding immunoglobulin protein; nsp, non-structural proteins.

Fig 3