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Environmental pollution is associated with increased risk of psychiatric disorders in the US and Denmark

Fig 2

Cartogram maps showing the spatial patterns of apparent neurological and psychiatric disorder prevalence inferred from IBM MarketScan database.

(A) Cartogram map of the total patient population (151 million) present in the MarketScan database during 2003–2013. County and state land areas are rescaled in proportion to their patient population, producing distorted maps. The squeezed regions contribute smaller shares of patient population compared to their corresponding land area and vice versa. The total map area remains the same. The subsequent cartogram maps show the prevalence of 4 psychiatric disorders: (B) bipolar disorder, (C) schizophrenia, (D) personality disorder, and (E) major depression, and 2 neurological disorders: (F) epilepsy and (G) Parkinson disease. The underlying data for producing these cartogram maps can be found in S1 Data.

Fig 2