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A multiscale cerebral neurochemical connectome of the rat brain

Fig 5

Modeling the G19×19 with an exponential distance rule (EDR) network.

(a-e) Matching graph properties between model and data as function of the λ parameter. The vertical grey band indicates the range of optimal fit for: 0.60 − 0.65mm−1. Averages were taken over 1,000 model-generated networks for each value of λ. (a) The number of uni- and bidirectional links M1 and M2, respectively. (b) Root-mean-square (RMS) of deviations between the 3-motif counts of model and data. (c) RMS of deviations between the clique-counts of model and data. d) RMS of deviations between the eigenvalues of AAT in the model and data, where A is the adjacency matrix. (e) The average local clustering coefficient in the undirected version of the graph. Dashed lines in (a) and (e) indicate values measured on the dataset. (f,g) Comparison of 3-motif counts between the dataset, EDR model with optimal λ = 0.6, and constant distant rule (CDR) model (λ = 0). (g) Log-ratios between motif counts. (h) Number of cliques with different sizes in data, EDR, and CDR models. (i) The eigenspectrum of the co-occurrence matrix AAT.

Fig 5