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Microscopy Image Browser: A Platform for Segmentation and Analysis of Multidimensional Datasets

Fig 1

MIB recognizes a large array of imaging formats and offers many essential image processing tools.

(A) Most common image formats can be imported to (left column) and exported from (right column) MIB. Most commonly used image processing tools are listed in the middle column (see MIB website for the full list). (B) Image segmentation workflow usually comprises a combination of several approaches. Datasets can be segmented iteratively using various manual and semiautomatic tools combined with quantification filtering of results in order to generate a model. Data in MIB are organized in four layers: Image (raw data), Selection (active layer for segmentation), Mask (an optional supporting layer for temporal storage of the segmentation results for evaluation and filtering), and Model (containing the final segmentation).

Fig 1