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Video-Game Play Induces Plasticity in the Visual System of Adults with Amblyopia

Figure 3

Improved positional acuity with video-game experience.

(a) Position discrimination. The visual task was to pick the misaligned pair of Gabor patch groupings out of three choices (top, middle, or bottom) [23]. Each grouping consisted of 8 Gabor patches. Positional noise to the Gabor patches was introduced by varying their vertical positions according to a Gaussian distribution function. (b) Percent improvement in positional acuity as a function of baseline positional acuity (zero noise). Each data point represents the mean improvement across different noise levels. (c) Effect of video-game experience on sampling efficiency. (d) Effect of video-game experience on internal noise. (e) Threshold versus noise (TvN) function. Three different neural mechanism signature profiles are illustrated. SB2: TvN function shifts downward (increase in efficiency). SA5: The knee point of TvN function shifts downward and to the left (decrease in internal noise). SS3: combination of both.

Figure 3