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Structural Basis for Fe–S Cluster Assembly and tRNA Thiolation Mediated by IscS Protein–Protein Interactions

Figure 1

Network of protein-protein interactions involving IscS.

IscS initiates intracellular sulfur trafficking, delivering the sulfur to several sulfur-accepting proteins such as IscU, ThiI, TusA, and MoaD/MoeB that commit the sulfur to different metabolic pathways. IscU is the primary scaffold for assembly of Fe-S clusters. Frataxin/CyaY has been postulated as an Fe chaperone, an Fe donor for Fe-S cluster assembly, or a regulator of Fe-S cluster formation. In the schematic, sulfur delivering is indicated by red arrows and IscS-interacting proteins are framed by ovals (red, in sulfur accepting proteins).

Figure 1