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Emergence of a Stable Cortical Map for Neuroprosthetic Control

Figure 4

Stable long-term changes in the depth of modulation.

(A) Changes in the depth of modulation for a single unit accompanying increases in BC performance (Monkey R). Each dot represents the modulation depth of the neural firing rate (in hertz) for a given BC session. Representative tuning curves from the initial (days 1 and 3 in a lighter color), and late phases (days 4 and 8 in a darker color) of BC are shown in the upper left corner. The shaded circle around each dot identifies sessions represented by the tuning curves. The dotted grey line represents the mean depth of modulation for the respective cluster of dots. (B) Long-term changes in the depth of modulation for a representative single unit from Monkey P, arranged similarly to (A).

Figure 4