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Emergence of a Stable Cortical Map for Neuroprosthetic Control

Figure 1

Experimental setup and stability of ensemble recordings.

(A) Schematics for manual control (MC) and brain control (BC). During MC, the animal physically performs a two-dimensional center-out task using the right upper extremity while the neural activity is recorded. Under BC, the animal performs a similar center-out task using a computer cursor under direct neural control through a decoder trained during MC. (B) Stability of putative single units across multiple days. Upper panels show a set of waveforms on day 1 versus day 19. The height and width of each box are 0.5 mV and 800 ┬Ás, respectively. (C) Stability of firing properties across time. Interspike interval (ISI) distributions are shown for days 1 and 19 for three representative units. There were no significant differences between each pair of distributions (p>0.05, Kolmogrov-Smirnov Test).

Figure 1