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Selective Inflammatory Pain Insensitivity in the African Naked Mole-Rat (Heterocephalus glaber)

Figure 6

Comparison of TRPV1 Staining in the Spinal Cord of the Mouse and Naked Mole-Rat

Sections were stained with a primary anti-rat TRPV1 antibody that was detected with a secondary antibody conjugated to Cy3 (red), sections were co-stained with IB4 conjugated to Alexa-488 (green).

(A–C) TRPV1 and IB4 staining is localized to the superficial laminae of the dorsal horn in the mouse.

(D–F) Similar staining is observed in the naked mole-rat, although a thicker lamina II gives rise to increased IB4 staining.

(G) Very little TRPV1 deep staining is observed in the mouse.

(H) Deep TRPV1 staining is frequently observed in the naked mole-rat; white arrows highlight TRPV1 positive profiles in deeper laminae.

(I) Quantification of TRPV1-positive profiles in deep dorsal horn of mouse and naked mole-rat. Scale bars for (A–H) are 100 μm.

Figure 6