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Emergence of Large-Scale Cell Morphology and Movement from Local Actin Filament Growth Dynamics

Figure 1

Strong VASP Localization at the Leading Edge Is Observed in Keratocytes with Smooth Leading-Edge Morphology

A population of primary keratocytes is heterogeneous in morphology. (A) Keratocytes can have a smooth leading edge, showing strong VASP immunofluorescence that appears as a thin line at leading edge (arrowheads). (B) Keratocytes may also have rough leading edges with weak or absent VASP at the leading edge. VASP also appears localized at focal adhesions (arrows), which are more apparent in cells with rough leading edges. Immunofluorescence was performed using polyclonal anti-murine VASP antibodies. Scale bar = 10 μm.

Figure 1