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Topological Reorganization of Odor Representations in the Olfactory Bulb

Figure 8

Comparison of Three-Dimensional IN Activity Patterns

(A) Overlay of IN response patterns evoked by chemically related odors (Trp and Tyr) in successive 256-ms time windows (same as in Figure 5B; n = 1,612 INs). Conventions as in Figure 7A. Sphere size depicts TDCa signal between 2 and 10 (arbitrary units); dots depict INs with TDCa signals less than 2. Distance between ticks is 50 μm on all axes. Orientation is as indicated: anterior to posterior (A–P), medial to lateral (M–L), and dorsal to ventral (D–V).

(B) Overlay of IN response patterns evoked by two dissimilar stimuli. Same conventions as in (A).

Figure 8