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The Sorcerer II Global Ocean Sampling Expedition: Northwest Atlantic through Eastern Tropical Pacific

Figure 12

Distribution of Common Proteorhodopsin Variants across GOS Samples

The leucine (L) and methionine (M) variants absorb maximally in the green spectrum (Oded Beja, personal communication) while the glutamine (Q) variant absorbs maximally in the blue spectrum. The relative abundance of each variant is shown as a percentage (x-axis) per sample (y-axis). Total abundance for all variants in read equivalents normalized by the abundance of recA protein are shown on the right side of the y-axis. The L and Q variants show a nonrandom distribution. The L variant is abundant in temperate Atlantic waters close to the U.S. and Canadian coast. The Q variant is abundant in warmer waters further from land. The M variant is moderately abundant in a wide range of samples with no obvious geographic/environmental association.

Figure 12