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Linking Splicing to Pol II Transcription Stabilizes Pre-mRNAs and Influences Splicing Patterns

Figure 6

The Link between Pol II Transcription and Splicing Influences Alternative 3′ Splice-Site Choice

(A) Diagrams of the wt14 minigenes with duplicated 3′ splice sites, either as a DNA template preceded by a Pol II promoter (left) or the pre-synthesized RNA transcript (right). The proximal exon (exon 2A) does not contain a 5′ splice site, is significantly shorter than the distal exon, and lacks exonic splicing enhancers. (B) Representative autoradiograms show the time course of the transcription/splicing UTP chase experiment (left) and the splicing profile of pre-synthesized RNA transcripts (right). The pre-mRNA transcript, spliced products, and intermediate lariat bands are indicated. (C) Quantitation of distal and proximal spliced product formation from (B).

Figure 6