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Aging and Gene Expression in the Primate Brain

Figure 5

Expression Levels in Human and Chimpanzee Cortex

Average expression levels (base two logarithm expression intensity; error bars indicate plus or minus one standard error) in prefrontal cortex were calculated for four sets of genes in both young (two 45-y-old human, or five 7- to 12-y-old chimpanzee) and old (one 70-y-old human, or two older than 40-y-old chimpanzee) samples. Red indicates human genes; blue, chimpanzee genes; solid lines, genes (or orthologs of genes) down-regulated in human frontal pole; and dashed lines, genes (or orthologs) up-regulated in human frontal pole (connecting lines are not meant to imply linear changes in gene expression with age). The chimpanzee expression levels resemble young, but not old, human.

Figure 5