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Suggestions from Matrix/DNA Theory

Posted by TheMatrixDNA on 16 May 2012 at 10:59 GMT

Alternative form of life? We can try another approach. Today nobody could accept that the cellular organelles are forms of life. Because they are part of cell systems. But... if the symbiotic hypothesis of Margullis is right? Ribosome, Mitochondria, chloroplasts, till the nucleolus were micro-organisms? If so, each one could evolve to specific life form?

Same way, today nobody could accept that astronomic bodies are life forms. Because their constitution seems so single and they belongs to stellar and galactic systems. But...

The formation of the first cell system was different from the formation of modern cells. The cells does not need those millions years of abiogeneses because they learned to replicate themselves. If the formation of the first galactic system was different also from the formation of modern galaxies? I mean, the first galaxy was formed by symbioses?

There is a natural mechanism that could be the solution for the process of symbioses for both, cells and galaxies: life cycle. If a different life form - one that seems to us a inanimated object or/and non-able to replicate - is under this mechanism, the object will be transformed into several different shapes, like a human body under this mechanism shows the forms of blastulae, embryo, baby, adult, etc. So, any molecular complex compound like a ribosome, under this mechanism could be transformed into mitochondria, cloroplast, all shapes of organelles. It is easy for seeing this if we think that biological evolution is the history of a unique life cycle, different shapes of animal species under evolution, from reptiles to fish to mammals.

Now suppose that before galaxies and even stellar systems origins, there were a unique kind of astronomical body, but, under the process of life cycle. Its transformations could be from planets to pulsars to stars to quasars, black holes, etc. Since that there is a connection link between two sequencial shapes of any individual, this conexion is the responsible for symbiosis.

It is weird to think that a kind of inanimated natural object could be under the process of life cycle. But there is a possibility, and it came from natural light. The electromagnetic spectrum of light shows that any light ray or wave has seven diffferent frequencies. It means seven different speed of vibrations. Applied over a natural object, dense enough that the light can not escape, but it is not destroyed, each kind of vibration could perform different effects over that object. Maybe a light wave has the code for life, if the seven different vibrations can generate seven different shapes of a unique object. So, it is not weird at all.

Now, think that the radiation of light from the Sun creates seven different fields of vibration around it. Seven different orbital fields. There is only those two intermediates orbital suited for the seeds of life being nurtured, because the initial ones are too much rapid and the last ones are too much slow. The planets in these orbitals are Earth, Mars, maybe Venus? Now suppose that a star is like an onion, each level is about each stage of its formation. It should means that the Earth surface receipts seven kind of photons, each one as bit of information of a shape of a life cycle. In another words, all seven shapes of photons together are the seed of life. The Earth nucleus must have at least the initial 50% of those bits, which reaches the surface through volcanoes, ocean vents, etc. Then we have the appropriate land for the seeds evolving. And the process of fecundation is like our sexual process; half of information coming from the sun, another half coming from Earth.

Finally, which were the previous information for the first biological life? When I calculated what could happen to an initial astronomical body under the process of life cycle because it does not permit the escape of light, I got the existent another known six shapes. Those seven kind of bodies could be linked by the invisible connection of time, like a human teenage can be linked to its adult shape. But, doing it my models showed that the seven astronomic bodies are aligned like a circuit of a system, and, surprising, the system has the same shape of a lateral pair of nucleotides, the fundamental bit of information for RNA and DNA. So, the previous information for the first biological life form is the information about astronomical systems, whose that really created life inside them.

Researchers has experimented all possibilities of miligram of RNA and not got a life form. What is missing in those RNA? The work of those photons? Inside terrestrial atoms they can work like a religion can work a human brain: changing the atoms normal behavior for to build a copy of the celestial system they came from. At my website there are the models of Matrix/DNA formula, the astronomical system under the force of life cycles, the electromagnetic spectrum as the code for life, etc. It could be everything wrong, but, I think is good food for thought in different ways like we wull need for to recognize different alternatives life forms.

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