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Response to Selection for Social Signalling Drives the Evolution of Chameleon Colour Change

Posted by PLOSBiology on 07 May 2009 at 22:22 GMT

Author: Sergio Stagnaro
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Submitted Date: January 30, 2008
Published Date: February 1, 2008
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In my opinion, this research is really interesting also as regards human intelligibility of nature, according to my friend-co-workor Paolo Manzelli (1-10). Admittedly, research authors state that the ability to change colour has evolved in numerous vertebrate and invertebrate groups, the most well-known of which are chameleons and cephalopods (octopuses and their relatives). All that happens in a large range of variations. In addition, the authors show that evolutionary changes in in the capacity for colour change are consistently associated with the use of social signals that are highly conspicuous to the visual system of chameleons. Well. The data of the research undermine the present traditional knowledge theory, considering that animal as well as human knowledge can jet be considered as an accumulation of data gathered in passive way exclusively with the aid of senses, like a photograph machine, justifying subjectivity and objectivity in knowledge events. On the contrary, our intelligibility of nature has far more complex. According to P. Manzelli, as a matter of facts, the interpretation of physical phenomena persists to be based upon some rather broad assumptions, as the arbitrary splitting form subject and object of the physical observation. This arbitrary separation of the observer from the concept of physics, close the intelligibility of nature in a reductive mode, continuously forced in the tradition of a mechanical science understanding. In any case physical science, during the last century, produces very important theoretical assumptions, based on various equations, mathematically demonstrable at a good quantitative reply; but forever this mathematical approach remains closed into an evident paradigmatic incorrectness, and, as a consequence of the limited assumption the creative reasoning, science falls in the proper method of predictability, essentially because never considers belonging to the observed Nature the observer her/she self (1-10).

Following the dualistic experimental observation of nature of quantum “wave/particles”, light energy (E) as well matter (M) behave to a double quantum interpretation of energy/matter interaction. This two modes of understanding has shaped the course of the Quantum Mechanics (Q.M.) in the last century. The fundamental implication of the duality of Q.M suggests that it is no possible to know reality through a cause effect logic, as in the Classical Physics. So that Q.M. subsequently at the Uncertainty Principle (1927), suggests that in a deeper level, existing under the macro world, the successful description of reality scientifically available, is based only on a probabilistic approach of knowing.

In a few words, I agree with Manzelli, who claims since ever that a opening action will be to introduce into the Conservation of the Total Energy the “Information Energy”, as a new form of energy codification, corroborated recently by Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics (11-16). Following this aperture in science it is possible to develop subsequent original activities, particularly focused to give a better interpretation of the biological communication. In fact inside of “Man”, the brain do not work directly manipulate external lighting rays or sound’s notes, or other known forms of physical energy, this because inside of the brain, biological materials, (neurons, nerves, neuro-transmitters, ormons etc.. ) are not row materials, and also bio-electric energy, interact in order to transform in “mental information”, the input of quantum wave/particles, received through the sensory receptors. Therefore starting from the brain it is becoming admissible a new kind of “Information Energy” ( I ), and we suppose that (I) can be codified in a new space-time dimension, that never it is taken in account in the old mechanic paradigm of science. In fact today (I) as energy it is becoming of straightforward importance to initiate to understand more profoundly also the biology of thinking process in science and art by crossing internal and external reality.


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