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Time for change....

Posted by drnickmorris on 08 Jul 2012 at 13:38 GMT

I met Rosie at Science online London 2011 (SOLO11) and we ended up talking about the structure and content of genetic courses, even though that wasn't the reason she was at the conference.

I really liked the article and a lot of it resonates with my experience of how genetics is currently delivered. Some of the comments from students could have been taken straight from a recent student focus group I ran looking at a genetics course I am involved in running at Newcastle.

Although the article is focused on genetics I would suggest that the underlying ideas and themes could be applied to a lot of university science courses. This is particularly true as a lot of courses have not really changed from the pre-Internet era of filling up students with facts and knowledge, to the post-Internet era of the facts being available online, and courses needing to training students in the understanding and handling of facts.

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