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Rapid global phaseout of animal agriculture has the potential to stabilize greenhouse gas levels for 30 years and offset 68 percent of CO2 emissions this century

Fig 7

Sensitivity of impact of phaseout of animal agriculture to model assumptions.

The grey line in each plot is PHASE-POD, the default scenario of 15 year phaseout, 30 year carbon recovery, livestock emissions from FAOSTAT, and a diverse plant replacement diet based on [26]. (A) Effect of the immediate elimination of animal agriculture (red line) or a slower, 30 year, phaseout (blue line). (B) Effect of slower carbon recovery reaching completion after 50 years (red line) or 70 years (blue line). (C) Effect of using high (green line) or low (red line) estimates of above ground carbon recovery from [1]. (D) Effect of reducing either the efficiency or extent of carbon recovery.

Fig 7