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Rapid global phaseout of animal agriculture has the potential to stabilize greenhouse gas levels for 30 years and offset 68 percent of CO2 emissions this century

Fig 4

Impact of dietary transitions in curtailing global warming.

Using projected CH4 and N2O levels in 2100 under business as usual diet as a baseline for RF calculation, we computed the CO2 reductions necessary to reduce RF from the business as usual diet level of RF = 1.31 to the bovid-free diet level of RF = 4.09 (1300 Gt CO2), the plant-only diet level of RF = 3.83 (1680 Gt CO2), the 2.0° C global warming target of RF = 2.6 (3230 Gt CO2) and the 1.5° C global warming target of RF = 1.9 (3980 Gt CO2). For this analysis we used a corrected RF that accounts for the absence of other gases in our calculation by training a linear regression model on published MAGICC6 output to estimate from CO2, CH4 and N2O levels the residual RF impact of other gases.

Fig 4