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Evidence that HIV-1 Gag is recruited into small RNA granules that contain DDX6 but are largely distinct from P bodies

293T cells were mock transfected or transfected with an HIV-1 provirus encoding the Gag G2A mutant, which is arrested in the cytoplasm. Columns (left to right, with nuclei in blue): DDX6 IF reveals green foci seen at low gain/magnification representing P bodies; proximity ligation assay shows sites of DDX6-Gag G2A colocalization as red spots; and merge. Insets show cells at high gain/magnification. Angled arrows allow matching of P bodies between insets and low power fields. Dotted oval contains foci that are too small to be P bodies, and could represent smaller DDX6 foci that can be co-opted by Gag proteins. Lingappa et al.

Image Credit: Brook Barajas and Jaisri Lingappa, University of Washington