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Complement recruitment in rabbit lungs following reinfection with MERS-CoV

Following secondary (re-)infection with MERS-CoV in the absence of neutralizing antibodies, complement protein is recruited to the lungs of rabbits and contributes to an increased inflammatory response. Immunofluorescence image of a MERS-CoV infected rabbit lung showing MERS-CoV N antigen (green) and complement C9 protein (red) following reinfection with MERS-CoV EMC/2012. Reinfection led to increased complement recruitment, with viral antigen and C9 protein visible within the inflammatory milieu surrounding many small vessels and alveoli within the lung tissue. Image is from day 3 post-infection at 40x, bar equivalent to 20μm. Subbarao et al.

Image Credit: Ian N Moore, Infectious Disease Pathogenesis Section, NIAID, NIH