Table of Contents: December 2013

The parasitophorous vacuole is labeled with an antibody against EXP1 (magenta), whilst the parasite cytosol is in green due to expression of GFP. Parasite nuclei are stained blue. See Suarez et al.

Image Credit: Catherine Suarez and Katrin Volkmann



Host Defense via Symbiosis in Drosophila

Phineas T. Hamilton, Steve J. Perlman

Zinc Sequestration: Arming Phagocyte Defense against Fungal Attack

Kavitha Subramanian Vignesh, Julio A. Landero Figueroa, Aleksey Porollo, Joseph A. Caruso, George S. Deepe Jr

Novel Strategies to Enhance Vaccine Immunity against Coccidioidomycosis

Garry T. Cole, Chiung-Yu Hung, Sam D. Sanderson, Brady J. Hurtgen, Marcel Wüthrich, Bruce S. Klein, George S. Deepe, Gary R. Ostroff, Stuart M. Levitz

Burning Down the House: Cellular Actions during Pyroptosis

Christopher N. LaRock, Brad T. Cookson

Innate Lymphoid Cells: New Players in IL-17-Mediated Antifungal Immunity

André Gladiator, Salomé LeibundGut-Landmann

LysM Effectors: Secreted Proteins Supporting Fungal Life

Anja Kombrink, Bart P. H. J. Thomma

The Evolution of Transmissible Prions: The Role of Deformed Templating

Natallia Makarava, Ilia V. Baskakov

Cytoplasmic Viruses: Rage against the (Cellular RNA Decay) Machine

Stephanie L. Moon, Jeffrey Wilusz


Interference with the Host Haemostatic System by Schistosomes

Mirjam M. Mebius, Perry J. J. van Genderen, Rolf T. Urbanus, Aloysius G. M. Tielens, Philip G. de Groot, Jaap J. van Hellemond

Emerging Functions for the Staphylococcus aureus RNome

Julien Guillet, Marc Hallier, Brice Felden

Research Articles

Gene Fitness Landscapes of Vibrio cholerae at Important Stages of Its Life Cycle

Heather D. Kamp, Bharathi Patimalla-Dipali, David W. Lazinski, Faith Wallace-Gadsden, Andrew Camilli

Systematic MicroRNA Analysis Identifies ATP6V0C as an Essential Host Factor for Human Cytomegalovirus Replication

Jon Pavelin, Natalie Reynolds, Stephen Chiweshe, Guanming Wu, Rebecca Tiribassi, Finn Grey

The Toxoplasma gondii Cyst Wall Protein CST1 Is Critical for Cyst Wall Integrity and Promotes Bradyzoite Persistence

Tadakimi Tomita, David J. Bzik, Yan Fen Ma, Barbara A. Fox, Lye Meng Markillie, Ronald C. Taylor, Kami Kim, Louis M. Weiss

An In-Depth Comparison of Latent HIV-1 Reactivation in Multiple Cell Model Systems and Resting CD4+ T Cells from Aviremic Patients

Celsa A. Spina, Jenny Anderson, Nancie M. Archin, Alberto Bosque, Jonathan Chan, Marylinda Famiglietti, Warner C. Greene, Angela Kashuba, Sharon R. Lewin, David M. Margolis, Matthew Mau, Debbie Ruelas, Suha Saleh, Kotaro Shirakawa, Robert F. Siliciano, Akul Singhania, Paula C. Soto, Valeri H. Terry, Eric Verdin, Christopher Woelk, Stacey Wooden, Sifei Xing, Vicente Planelles

Pfit Is a Structurally Novel Crohn's Disease-Associated Superantigen

Lihui Liu, Hui Chen, Matthew B. Brecher, Zhong Li, Bo Wei, Bisweswar Nandi, Jing Zhang, Hua Ling, Gary Winslow, Jonathan Braun, Hongmin Li

Overcoming Antigenic Diversity by Enhancing the Immunogenicity of Conserved Epitopes on the Malaria Vaccine Candidate Apical Membrane Antigen-1

Sheetij Dutta, Lisa S. Dlugosz, Damien R. Drew, Xiopeng Ge, Diouf Ababacar, Yazmin I. Rovira, J. Kathleen Moch, Meng Shi, Carole A. Long, Michael Foley, James G. Beeson, Robin F. Anders, Kazutoyo Miura, J. David Haynes, Adrian H. Batchelor

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  1. Correction: Overcoming Antigenic Diversity by Enhancing the Immunogenicity of Conserved Epitopes on the Malaria Vaccine Candidate Apical Membrane Antigen-1

The CD8-Derived Chemokine XCL1/Lymphotactin Is a Conformation-Dependent, Broad-Spectrum Inhibitor of HIV-1

Christina Guzzo, Jamie Fox, Yin Lin, Huiyi Miao, Raffaello Cimbro, Brian F. Volkman, Anthony S. Fauci, Paolo Lusso

Transcriptional Analysis of Murine Macrophages Infected with Different Toxoplasma Strains Identifies Novel Regulation of Host Signaling Pathways

Mariane B. Melo, Quynh P. Nguyen, Cynthia Cordeiro, Musa A. Hassan, Ninghan Yang, Renée McKell, Emily E. Rosowski, Lindsay Julien, Vincent Butty, Marie-Laure Dardé, Daniel Ajzenberg, Katherine Fitzgerald, Lucy H. Young, Jeroen P. J. Saeij

Hypoxia Inducible Factor Signaling Modulates Susceptibility to Mycobacterial Infection via a Nitric Oxide Dependent Mechanism

Philip M. Elks, Sabrina Brizee, Michiel van der Vaart, Sarah R. Walmsley, Fredericus J. van Eeden, Stephen A. Renshaw, Annemarie H. Meijer

Parental Transfer of the Antimicrobial Protein LBP/BPI Protects Biomphalaria glabrata Eggs against Oomycete Infections

Olga Lucia Baron, Pieter van West, Benoit Industri, Michel Ponchet, Géraldine Dubreuil, Benjamin Gourbal, Jean-Marc Reichhart, Christine Coustau

Intestinal CD103+ Dendritic Cells Are Key Players in the Innate Immune Control of Cryptosporidium parvum Infection in Neonatal Mice

Louis Lantier, Sonia Lacroix-Lamandé, Laurent Potiron, Coralie Metton, Françoise Drouet, William Guesdon, Audrey Gnahoui-David, Yves Le Vern, Edith Deriaud, Aurore Fenis, Sylvie Rabot, Amandine Descamps, Catherine Werts, Fabrice Laurent

Toxoplasma gondii-Induced Activation of EGFR Prevents Autophagy Protein-Mediated Killing of the Parasite

Luis Muniz-Feliciano, Jennifer Van Grol, Jose-Andres C. Portillo, Lloyd Liew, Bing Liu, Cathleen R. Carlin, Vern B. Carruthers, Stephen Matthews, Carlos S. Subauste

Biphasic Euchromatin-to-Heterochromatin Transition on the KSHV Genome Following De Novo Infection

Zsolt Toth, Kevin Brulois, Hye-Ra Lee, Yoshihiro Izumiya, Clifford Tepper, Hsing-Jien Kung, Jae U. Jung

A Human Torque Teno Virus Encodes a MicroRNA That Inhibits Interferon Signaling

Rodney P. Kincaid, James M. Burke, Jennifer C. Cox, Ethel-Michele de Villiers, Christopher S. Sullivan

The Staphylococcus aureus ArlRS Two-Component System Is a Novel Regulator of Agglutination and Pathogenesis

Jennifer N. Walker, Heidi A. Crosby, Adam R. Spaulding, Wilmara Salgado-Pabón, Cheryl L. Malone, Carolyn B. Rosenthal, Patrick M. Schlievert, Jeffrey M. Boyd, Alexander R. Horswill

Identification of the Virulence Landscape Essential for Entamoeba histolytica Invasion of the Human Colon

Roman Thibeaux, Christian Weber, Chung-Chau Hon, Marie-Agnès Dillies, Patrick Avé, Jean-Yves Coppée, Elisabeth Labruyère, Nancy Guillén

A Toxin-Antitoxin Module of Salmonella Promotes Virulence in Mice

Miguel A. De la Cruz, Weidong Zhao, Carine Farenc, Grégory Gimenez, Didier Raoult, Christian Cambillau, Jean-Pierre Gorvel, Stéphane Méresse

Genome-Wide RNAi Screen Identifies Novel Host Proteins Required for Alphavirus Entry

Yaw Shin Ooi, Katie M. Stiles, Catherine Y. Liu, Gwen M. Taylor, Margaret Kielian

HrpA, an RNA Helicase Involved in RNA Processing, Is Required for Mouse Infectivity and Tick Transmission of the Lyme Disease Spirochete

Aydan Salman-Dilgimen, Pierre-Olivier Hardy, Justin D. Radolf, Melissa J. Caimano, George Chaconas

RocA Truncation Underpins Hyper-Encapsulation, Carriage Longevity and Transmissibility of Serotype M18 Group A Streptococci

Nicola N. Lynskey, David Goulding, Magdalena Gierula, Claire E. Turner, Gordon Dougan, Robert J. Edwards, Shiranee Sriskandan

Serotonergic Chemosensory Neurons Modify the C. elegans Immune Response by Regulating G-Protein Signaling in Epithelial Cells

Alexandra Anderson, Henry Laurenson-Schafer, Frederick A. Partridge, Jonathan Hodgkin, Rachel McMullan

Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli Hemolysin Employs Outer Membrane Vesicles to Target Mitochondria and Cause Endothelial and Epithelial Apoptosis

Martina Bielaszewska, Christian Rüter, Lisa Kunsmann, Lilo Greune, Andreas Bauwens, Wenlan Zhang, Thorsten Kuczius, Kwang Sik Kim, Alexander Mellmann, M. Alexander Schmidt, Helge Karch

The Genetic Basis of Escherichia coli Pathoadaptation to Macrophages

Migla Miskinyte, Ana Sousa, Ricardo S. Ramiro, Jorge A. Moura de Sousa, Jerzy Kotlinowski, Iris Caramalho, Sara Magalhães, Miguel P. Soares, Isabel Gordo

Semen CD4+ T Cells and Macrophages Are Productively Infected at All Stages of SIV infection in Macaques

Sibylle Bernard-Stoecklin, Céline Gommet, Aurélien B. Corneau, Sabrina Guenounou, Claire Torres, Nathalie Dejucq-Rainsford, Antonio Cosma, Nathalie Dereuddre-Bosquet, Roger Le Grand

The Malarial Serine Protease SUB1 Plays an Essential Role in Parasite Liver Stage Development

Catherine Suarez, Katrin Volkmann, Ana Rita Gomes, Oliver Billker, Michael J. Blackman

Phagocytosis Escape by a Staphylococcus aureus Protein That Connects Complement and Coagulation Proteins at the Bacterial Surface

Ya-Ping Ko, Annemarie Kuipers, Claudia M. Freitag, Ilse Jongerius, Eva Medina, Willemien J. van Rooijen, András N. Spaan, Kok P. M. van Kessel, Magnus Höök, Suzan H. M. Rooijakkers

Placental Syncytium Forms a Biophysical Barrier against Pathogen Invasion

Varvara B. Zeldovich, Casper H. Clausen, Emily Bradford, Daniel A. Fletcher, Emin Maltepe, Jennifer R. Robbins, Anna I. Bakardjiev

Nodular Inflammatory Foci Are Sites of T Cell Priming and Control of Murine Cytomegalovirus Infection in the Neonatal Lung

Felix R. Stahl, Katrin Heller, Stephan Halle, Kirsten A. Keyser, Andreas Busche, Anja Marquardt, Karen Wagner, Jasmin Boelter, Yvonne Bischoff, Elisabeth Kremmer, Ramon Arens, Martin Messerle, Reinhold Förster

Hepatitis B Virus Disrupts Mitochondrial Dynamics: Induces Fission and Mitophagy to Attenuate Apoptosis

Seong-Jun Kim, Mohsin Khan, Jun Quan, Andreas Till, Suresh Subramani, Aleem Siddiqui

Dual Expression Profile of Type VI Secretion System Immunity Genes Protects Pandemic Vibrio cholerae

Sarah T. Miyata, Daniel Unterweger, Sydney P. Rudko, Stefan Pukatzki

The Type-Specific Neutralizing Antibody Response Elicited by a Dengue Vaccine Candidate Is Focused on Two Amino Acids of the Envelope Protein

Laura A. VanBlargan, Swati Mukherjee, Kimberly A. Dowd, Anna P. Durbin, Stephen S. Whitehead, Theodore C. Pierson

Tmprss2 Is Essential for Influenza H1N1 Virus Pathogenesis in Mice

Bastian Hatesuer, Stephanie Bertram, Nora Mehnert, Mahmoud M. Bahgat, Peter S. Nelson, Stefan Pöhlman, Klaus Schughart

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  1. Correction: Tmprss2 Is Essential for Influenza H1N1 Virus Pathogenesis in Mice

Real-Time Imaging of the Intracellular Glutathione Redox Potential in the Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum

Denis Kasozi, Franziska Mohring, Stefan Rahlfs, Andreas J. Meyer, Katja Becker

Brucella Induces an Unfolded Protein Response via TcpB That Supports Intracellular Replication in Macrophages

Judith A. Smith, Mike Khan, Diogo D. Magnani, Jerome S. Harms, Marina Durward, Girish K. Radhakrishnan, Yi-Ping Liu, Gary A. Splitter

Genome-Wide Detection of Fitness Genes in Uropathogenic Escherichia coli during Systemic Infection

Sargurunathan Subashchandrabose, Sara N. Smith, Rachel R. Spurbeck, Monica M. Kole, Harry L. T. Mobley

Myeloid Dendritic Cells Induce HIV-1 Latency in Non-proliferating CD4+ T Cells

Vanessa A. Evans, Nitasha Kumar, Ali Filali, Francesco A. Procopio, Oleg Yegorov, Jean-Philippe Goulet, Suha Saleh, Elias K. Haddad, Candida da Fonseca Pereira, Paula C. Ellenberg, Rafick-Pierre Sekaly, Paul U. Cameron, Sharon R. Lewin

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  1. Correction: Myeloid Dendritic Cells Induce HIV-1 Latency in Non-proliferating CD4+ T Cells

The TFPI-2 Derived Peptide EDC34 Improves Outcome of Gram-Negative Sepsis

Praveen Papareddy, Martina Kalle, Ole E. Sørensen, Martin Malmsten, Matthias Mörgelin, Artur Schmidtchen

HIV-1 Vpr Accelerates Viral Replication during Acute Infection by Exploitation of Proliferating CD4+ T Cells In Vivo

Kei Sato, Naoko Misawa, Shingo Iwami, Yorifumi Satou, Masao Matsuoka, Yukihito Ishizaka, Mamoru Ito, Kazuyuki Aihara, Dong Sung An, Yoshio Koyanagi

Mycobacterial MazG Safeguards Genetic Stability via Housecleaning of 5-OH-dCTP

Liang-Dong Lyu, Bi-Kui Tang, Xiao-Yong Fan, Hui Ma, Guo-Ping Zhao