Table of Contents: July 2008

Male members of the Ngogo community are avid hunters and thus frequently exposed to simian foamy virus strains from other primates (see Liu et al., doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1000097).

Image Credit: Photograph courtesy of John C. Mitani.


Enzymatic Properties of the Neuraminidase of Seasonal H1N1 Influenza Viruses Provide Insights for the Emergence of Natural Resistance to Oseltamivir

Marie-Anne Rameix-Welti, Vincent Enouf, Frédérique Cuvelier, Patricia Jeannin, Sylvie van der Werf

Research Articles

Vaccinia Virus E3 Protein Prevents the Antiviral Action of ISG15

Susana Guerra, Ana Cáceres, Klaus-Peter Knobeloch, Ivan Horak, Mariano Esteban

Molecular Ecology and Natural History of Simian Foamy Virus Infection in Wild-Living Chimpanzees

Weimin Liu, Michael Worobey, Yingying Li, Brandon F. Keele, Frederic Bibollet-Ruche, Yuanyuan Guo, Paul A. Goepfert, Mario L. Santiago, Jean-Bosco N. Ndjango, Cecile Neel, Stephen L. Clifford, Crickette Sanz, Shadrack Kamenya, Michael L. Wilson, Anne E. Pusey, Nicole Gross-Camp, Christophe Boesch, Vince Smith, Koichiro Zamma, Michael A. Huffman, John C. Mitani, David P. Watts, Martine Peeters, George M. Shaw, William M. Switzer, Paul M. Sharp, Beatrice H. Hahn

The Aedes aegypti Toll Pathway Controls Dengue Virus Infection

Zhiyong Xi, Jose L. Ramirez, George Dimopoulos

RIG-I Mediates the Co-Induction of Tumor Necrosis Factor and Type I Interferon Elicited by Myxoma Virus in Primary Human Macrophages

Fuan Wang, Xiujuan Gao, John W. Barrett, Qing Shao, Eric Bartee, Mohamed R. Mohamed, Masmudur Rahman, Steve Werden, Timothy Irvine, Jingxin Cao, Gregory A. Dekaban, Grant McFadden

Genome-Wide Screen of Three Herpesviruses for Protein Subcellular Localization and Alteration of PML Nuclear Bodies

Jayme Salsman, Nicole Zimmerman, Tricia Chen, Megan Domagala, Lori Frappier

Lysis of Endogenously Infected CD4+ T Cell Blasts by rIL-2 Activated Autologous Natural Killer Cells from HIV-Infected Viremic Individuals

Manuela Fogli, Domenico Mavilio, Enrico Brunetta, Stefania Varchetta, Khaled Ata, Gregg Roby, Colin Kovacs, Dean Follmann, Daniela Pende, Jeffrey Ward, Edward Barker, Emanuela Marcenaro, Alessandro Moretta, Anthony S. Fauci

Domestic Pigs Have Low Susceptibility to H5N1 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Viruses

Aleksandr S. Lipatov, Yong Kuk Kwon, Luciana V. Sarmento, Kelly M. Lager, Erica Spackman, David L. Suarez, David E. Swayne

Antibodies Targeting the PfRH1 Binding Domain Inhibit Invasion of Plasmodium falciparum Merozoites

Xiaohong Gao, Kim Pin Yeo, Siqi Sharon Aw, Claudia Kuss, Jayasree K. Iyer, Saraswathy Genesan, Ravikumar Rajamanonmani, Julien Lescar, Zbynek Bozdech, Peter R. Preiser

Anti-Fungal Innate Immunity in C. elegans Is Enhanced by Evolutionary Diversification of Antimicrobial Peptides

Nathalie Pujol, Olivier Zugasti, Daniel Wong, Carole Couillault, C. Léopold Kurz, Hinrich Schulenburg, Jonathan J. Ewbank

NK Cell–Like Behavior of Vα14i NK T Cells during MCMV Infection

Johnna D. Wesley, Marlowe S. Tessmer, Deanna Chaukos, Laurent Brossay

Inefficient Nef-Mediated Downmodulation of CD3 and MHC-I Correlates with Loss of CD4+ T Cells in Natural SIV Infection

Michael Schindler, Jan Schmökel, Anke Specht, Hui Li, Jan Münch, Mohammad Khalid, Donald L. Sodora, Beatrice H. Hahn, Guido Silvestri, Frank Kirchhoff

MDA-5 Recognition of a Murine Norovirus

Stephen A. McCartney, Larissa B. Thackray, Leonid Gitlin, Susan Gilfillan, Herbert W. Virgin IV, Marco Colonna

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  1. Correction: MDA-5 Recognition of a Murine Norovirus

CD4-Specific Designed Ankyrin Repeat Proteins Are Novel Potent HIV Entry Inhibitors with Unique Characteristics

Andreas Schweizer, Peter Rusert, Livia Berlinger, Claudia R. Ruprecht, Axel Mann, Stéphanie Corthésy, Stuart G. Turville, Meropi Aravantinou, Marek Fischer, Melissa Robbiani, Patrick Amstutz, Alexandra Trkola

Prion Protein Amino Acid Determinants of Differential Susceptibility and Molecular Feature of Prion Strains in Mice and Voles

Umberto Agrimi, Romolo Nonno, Giacomo Dell'Omo, Michele Angelo Di Bari, Michela Conte, Barbara Chiappini, Elena Esposito, Giovanni Di Guardo, Otto Windl, Gabriele Vaccari, Hans-Peter Lipp

RNAi Screen of Endoplasmic Reticulum–Associated Host Factors Reveals a Role for IRE1α in Supporting Brucella Replication

Qing-Ming Qin, Jianwu Pei, Veronica Ancona, Brian D. Shaw, Thomas A. Ficht, Paul de Figueiredo