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A female schistosome excreting an egg through the gonopore. The female schistosome resides in a ventral groove of the male, the gynecophoric canal. The male worm sends a stimulus to regulate female-specific gene expression that in turn controls female reproductive development and subsequent egg production. Osman et al demonstrate that host TGFα can send a signal that is transduced by the schistosome TGFα pathway to regulate the expression of a Gynecophoric Canal Protein that may play a role in worm pairing that is a prerequisite for the male to send a stimulus to the female worm.

Image Credit: Photo by Ahmed Osman.

Research Articles

CCR5 Is Essential for NK Cell Trafficking and Host Survival following Toxoplasma gondii Infection

Imtiaz A Khan, Seddon Y Thomas, Magali M Moretto, Frederick S Lee, Sabina A Islam, Crescent Combe, Joseph D Schwartzman, Andrew D Luster

Envelope Exchange for the Generation of Live-Attenuated Arenavirus Vaccines

Andreas Bergthaler, Nicolas U Gerber, Doron Merkler, Edit Horvath, Juan Carlos de la Torre, Daniel D Pinschewer

Anopheles gambiae Immune Responses to Human and Rodent Plasmodium Parasite Species

Yuemei Dong, Ruth Aguilar, Zhiyong Xi, Emma Warr, Emmanuel Mongin, George Dimopoulos

Detrimental Contribution of the Toll-Like Receptor (TLR)3 to Influenza A Virus–Induced Acute Pneumonia

Ronan Le Goffic, Viviane Balloy, Micheline Lagranderie, Lena Alexopoulou, Nicolas Escriou, Richard Flavell, Michel Chignard, Mustapha Si-Tahar

Schistosoma mansoni TGF-β Receptor II: Role in Host Ligand-Induced Regulation of a Schistosome Target Gene

Ahmed Osman, Edward G Niles, Sergio Verjovski-Almeida, Philip T LoVerde

Prevalence of Local Immune Response against Oral Infection in a Drosophila/Pseudomonas Infection Model

Peter Liehl, Mark Blight, Nicolas Vodovar, Frédéric Boccard, Bruno Lemaitre

A Systematic Map of Genetic Variation in Plasmodium falciparum

Claire Kidgell, Sarah K Volkman, Johanna Daily, Justin O Borevitz, David Plouffe, Yingyao Zhou, Jeffrey R Johnson, Karine G. Le Roch, Ousmane Sarr, Omar Ndir, Soulyemane Mboup, Serge Batalov, Dyann F Wirth, Elizabeth A Winzeler

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Antibody-Independent Control of γ-Herpesvirus Latency via B Cell Induction of Anti-Viral T Cell Responses

Kelly B McClellan, Shivaprakash Gangappa, Samuel H Speck, Herbert W. Virgin IV

Host-Specific Response to HCV Infection in the Chimeric SCID-beige/Alb-uPA Mouse Model: Role of the Innate Antiviral Immune Response

Kathie-Anne Walters, Michael A Joyce, Jill C Thompson, Maria W Smith, Matthew M Yeh, Sean Proll, Lin-Fu Zhu, T. J Gao, Norman M Kneteman, D. Lorne Tyrrell, Michael G Katze

Retroviral DNA Integration: Viral and Cellular Determinants of Target-Site Selection

Mary K Lewinski, Masahiro Yamashita, Michael Emerman, Angela Ciuffi, Heather Marshall, Gregory Crawford, Francis Collins, Paul Shinn, Jeremy Leipzig, Sridhar Hannenhalli, Charles C Berry, Joseph R Ecker, Frederic D Bushman

Impact of Bacterial Genetics on the Transmission of Isoniazid-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Sebastien Gagneux, Marcos V Burgos, Kathryn DeRiemer, Antonio Enciso, Samira Muñoz, Phillip C Hopewell, Peter M Small, Alexander S Pym


Correction: A New Bacillus anthracis Found in Wild Chimpanzees and a Gorilla from West and Central Africa

Fabian H Leendertz, Saniye Yumlu, Georg Pauli, Christophe Boesch, Emmanuel Couacy-Hymann, Linda Vigilant, Sandra Junglen, Svenja Schenk, Heinz Ellerbrok

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  1. A New Bacillus anthracis Found in Wild Chimpanzees and a Gorilla from West and Central Africa