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Metabolic reprogramming of Kaposi’s sarcoma associated herpes virus infected B-cells in hypoxia

Fig 5

Differential gene expression between BJAB-KSHV and BJAB cells.

RNA isolation, sample preparation and RNA sequencing were performed as described in materials and methods. The differences in expression of host encoded genes in terms of fold change between BJAB-KSHV and BJAB cells were determined by CLC bio software. (A) Volcano plot for differential gene expression between BJAB-KSHV and BJAB cells. Fold change differences and FDR-p value for each gene were fed into R-software to generate the volcano plot. (B) Top 10 up-regulated genes and top 10 down-regulated genes in BJAB-KSHV cells compared to BJAB cells. Asterisk (*) denotes FDR-p-value <0.05.

Fig 5