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p38b and JAK-STAT signaling protect against Invertebrate iridescent virus 6 infection in Drosophila

Fig 7

IIV-6 infection activates a protective response through p38b and JAK-STAT signaling IIV-6 infection activates p38b through the NADPH oxidase Nox and presumably ROS production. p38b triggers the induction of the unpaireds, which encode for secreted ligands which activate the JAK-STAT pathway via the receptor, Domeless. JAK-STAT signaling leads to induction of the Turandots (Tots), a family of small, secreted proteins with no known function. JAK-STAT as well as p38b signaling protects Drosophila from IIV-6 infection, and p38b in particular increases tolerance to this virus.

Fig 7