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p38b and JAK-STAT signaling protect against Invertebrate iridescent virus 6 infection in Drosophila

Fig 6

Nox is required for IIV-6 induced upd3 and turandot expression S2* cells were treated with the indicated concentrations of DPI (an NADPH oxidase inhibitor) or vehicle control (DMSO) for one hour, and then infected with IIV-6 or mock treated. A) TotA expression and B) unpaired3 expression were quantified by qRT-PCR 24 hours post-infection. For A) and B), 3 biologically independent replicates are shown, and statistics performed comparing virus infected vehicle treated to DPI treated conditions. C) UAS-NoxRNAi and UAS-DuoxRNAi flies were crossed to c564-GAL4 for fat body specific knock-down, while the control was generated by w1118 crossed to c564-GAL4. Progeny were infected with IIV-6 or injected with PBS, and TotA expression was measured in whole flies by qRT-PCR 24 hours post-infection. 5 biologically independent replicates are shown. For all panels, error bars represent standard deviation, black lines indicate the mean, and statistical significance was determined using two-way ANOVA with Sidak’s correction.(***p = 0.0004, ****p<0.0001). A.U., Arbitrary Units.

Fig 6