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Fab-based inhibitors reveal ubiquitin independent functions for HIV Vif neutralization of APOBEC3 restriction factors

Fig 3

3C9 and 1D1 disrupt Vif-mediated A3 ubiquitination in cells but have differential effects on packaging into virus-like particles (VLPs).

Immunoblot analysis of cellular A3 levels and packaging into VLPs in presence of Vif and Fab derived scFvs. Env-deficient NL4-3 HIV (either Vif+ or Vif-) was co-transfected into HEK293T cells with HA-tagged A3 and a gradient of Flag-tagged scFv3C9 (A-C) or scFv1D1 (D-F). The A3 proteins, Fabs, and Vif were visualized by WB using anti-HA, anti-Flag, and anti-Vif. p24 and GAPDH were used as loading controls for the VLP and cell fractions, respectively.

Fig 3