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The potent effect of mycolactone on lipid membranes

Fig 1

Adsorption of mycolactone at the air/buffer interface.

Equilibrium surface pressures (πe) reached at the end of the adsorption kinetics for different concentrations of mycolactone injected into the subphase (PBS pH 7.4). Each point corresponds to the mean value of three kinetic experiments. The surface saturation concentration (1 μM) was determined at the start of the plateau. Inset: BAM images at equilibrium surface pressure (πe), after the injection of mycolactone at a final concentration of 0.6 μM (a), 1.2 μM (b) or 6 μM (c). Image scale: 483 × 383 μm2. All measurements were repeated at least three times for each concentration, with a satisfactory reproducibility, and the mean values are presented here.

Fig 1