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Beta HPV38 oncoproteins act with a hit-and-run mechanism in ultraviolet radiation-induced skin carcinogenesis in mice

Fig 4

ΔNp73α mRNA levels are high in the skin of HPV38 E6/E7 Tg mice, but are decreased in the UV-induced skin lesions harbouring p53 mutations.

Total RNA was extracted from the skin of WT (n = 4) or K14 HPV38 E6/E7 Tg animals (n = 5) as well as histologically confirmed pre-malignant (pre-m) and SCC from three independent mice and harbouring mutated p53. ΔN73α levels were measured by quantitative RT-PCR. The data shown are the mean of two independent experiments. The differences in ΔN73α mRNA levels between WT and K14 HPV38 E6/E7 Tg animals were statistically significant: * <0.05.

Fig 4