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Beta HPV38 oncoproteins act with a hit-and-run mechanism in ultraviolet radiation-induced skin carcinogenesis in mice

Fig 3

Several genes mutated in human skin lesions are also mutated in the UV-induced skin lesions of cSCCs of K14 HPV38 E6/E7 Tg mice.

(A) Heatmap of significantly mutated genes, corresponding to genes recurrently mutated in at least two mouse SCC samples and reported in the Cancer Gene Census list from the COSMIC database (left panel) or having an impact on epigenetic regulation processes (right panel). The types of mutation represented by colours are chosen according to the most prevalent mutation type in each sample. The data for the human samples displayed in the first column are derived from a previous publication on cutaneous SCC. (B) Heatmap of mutations in genes in normal skin, pre-malignant lesions, and cSCC from different mice (M1–3) reported as significantly mutated in human cSCC.

Fig 3