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Continental synchronicity of human influenza virus epidemics despite climactic variation

Fig 4

In each plot, a red, dashed line illustrates the overall annual epidemic onset time from Fig 2.

(A) Latitude (degrees) as a function of epidemic onset time, showing only epidemics from postcodes located >145° longitude and hence covering the bulk of the Australian population. Pearson’s correlation coefficient is noted for each year, and an asterisk denotes p<0.05. (B) Boxplots of increasing population density within postcodes (people per square kilometer) and timing of the epidemic in that postcode. The x-axis gives quartiles of the densities, which ranged from 0.002 people per km2 to 12,877 people per km2. (C) The distance (km) from nearest airport as a function of epidemic onset time. Data points are colored by the total number of domestic passengers per year (see color bar).

Fig 4