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Prohibitin plays a critical role in Enterovirus 71 neuropathogenesis

Fig 7

Involvement of mitochondrial PHB in viral replication.

(a-c) NSC-34 cells were seeded onto coverslips and infected with EV71 at M.O.I. 10. At 48 h.p.i., the cells were fixed using ice cold methanol and subjected to immunostaining using specific antibodies. Images were post-processed using ImageJ to reveal the co-localization signal. Scale bar represents 20 μm. (d) NSC-34 and RD cells were infected with EV71 at M.O.I. 10 and 1, respectively. At 48 h.p.i. (NSC-34 cells) and 12 h.p.i. (RD cells), the cells were lysed, and the mitochondrial fraction was subjected to Western blot analysis. UI, uninfected; INF, EV71-infected. (e) TEM of EV71-infected NSC-34 cells. NSC-34 cells were infected with EV71 at M.O.I 20 for 48 hours and processed for TEM analysis. M, mitochondria; Nuc, nucleus; V, virus. One representative of two independent experiments is shown.

Fig 7