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GDSL lipases modulate immunity through lipid homeostasis in rice

Fig 9

Proper intracellular localization is essential for OsGLIP1 function in rice defense responses.

(A) Schematic diagram shows full-length OsGLIP1 with its signal peptide (SP) and the truncated protein without SP (OsGLIP1ΔSP-GFP) or SP alone (OsGLIP1SP-GFP) fused with GFP. (B-D) Subcellular localization of OsGLIP1 -GFP (B) OsGLIP1ΔSP-GFP (C) and OsGLIP1SP-GFP (D) proteins in root cells of transgenic plants. Note that removing of the signal peptide (SP) abolished OsGLIP1-GFP ER and lipid body targeting, while the SP alone was sufficient for the subcellular compartment targeting. Scale bars = 20 μm. (E, F) Deletion of the signal peptide attenuated OsGLIP1 action in suppressing plant immunity. Lesions (E) and lesion lengths (F) of representative OsGLIP1-GFP and OsGLIP1ΔSP-GFP transgenic plants inoculated with Xoo. Note that the OsGLIP1-GFP fusion protein also suppressed rice defense, while OsGLIP1ΔSP-GFP lost its immune inhibition capacity. Arrows indicate bottoms of lesions. Data are shown as means ± SD (n > 10). Scale bar in (E) = 1cm. Student’s t-test, **P < 0.01.

Fig 9