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GDSL lipases modulate immunity through lipid homeostasis in rice

Fig 3

Lipidomic profiling of OsGLIP1/2-RNAi and overexpression plants.

Leaves from six individual plants (eight-week-old) were mixed as one sample from three representative transgenic lines of each transgene were used to normalize samples. Five leaf samples each genetic background were statistically analysed. (A) Total lipid composition in leaves of eight-week-old plants. (B-F) Abundance of individual lipid species, TAG (B), PA (C), MGDG (D), DAG (E) and DGDG (F). The lipid structures are presented as the number of carbon atoms: total double bonds in the fatty acyl groups. Data are shown as means ± SD (n = 5) of mixed leaf samples from three representative transgenic lines. *P < 0.05 or **P < 0.01, by Student’s t-test and Bonferroni correction for multiple (three comparisons) tests.

Fig 3